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Our goal is to end the climate crisis in our lifetime and with your help, we will.

The projects we support utilize the latest negative emissions technology, and remove carbon emissions in new, innovative ways. Together, we’re working to reduce climate change to below 1.5 degrees Celsius to avoid the most devastating effects of climate change.

This chart shows the current trend of global GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and what improvements to carbon removal we need to make in order to reach net-zero, or even net-negative GHG emissions.

Limiting the global temperature increase to ~1.5C

In order to achieve our 1.5°C climate goal, climate scientists assert that we need to remove 10 gigatonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. Carbon management programs like reforestation play an important role in carbon offsetting, but they aren't enough. We need to reduce the amount of carbon we release into the atmosphere, and drastically increase the amount we are removing using a variety of techniques.

Carbon removal is key to slowing climate change

World Changing Projects

Using the latest verification standards from the American Carbon Registry, Gold Standard, and Climate Action Reserve, we’ve identified X top frontier carbon removal projects to help us stay within the 1.5°C pathway.

Running Tide

Running Tide

Maine, United States

Kelp removes CO2 from the ocean as it grows (20x faster than trees!). Running Tide built a carbon removal system that utilizes this process to store carbon for thousands of years.

Carbo Culture

Carbo Culture

California, United States

Carbo Culture converts agricultural waste into biocarbons that stay unchanged for over a thousand years. One ton of biochar sequesters over 3.12 tons of CO2.

Charm Industrial

Nova Scotia, Canada

Charm Industrial has created a method of injecting bio-oil into permanent geologic storage. This bio-oil is derived from carbon rich biomass, meaning it sequesters harmful CO2.


Kansas, United States

CarbonCure's carbon dioxide removal technology offers carbon reduction for the concrete industry. Their retrofit is installed in hundreds of concrete plants globally.


Zurich, Switzerland

Climeworks specializes in direct air capture of carbon. Their machines filter CO2 directly from the atmosphere through an adsorption-desorption process.


Tommarp, Sweden

ECOERA is a biochar company that created the world’s first biochar-only carbon sinks. Their hyper-traceable product is made from an agricultural residue blend.


San Francisco, United States

NCX uses satellite imagery and machine learning to update an unprecedented report of the U.S. forest stock for updated accountability of carbon credits.

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