Frequently Asked Questions

What does Neutrl do?

Neutrl makes online shopping more sustainable.

We calculate how much carbon an order’s shipping is responsible for, determine the cost to offset it, and add that cost to your cart total. That one-or-so percent premium then goes directly towards carbon emissions removal projects.

How much will it cost me to offset my order with Neutrl?

Offsetting your order typically comes out to about 1 - 2% of your total cart value, depending on the item and shipping method. 

What are carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets are generated by an activity that either prevents the release of, reduces, or removes greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere or ocean.

Why are permanent carbon removal technologies important?

Preventing climate change requires technology that works effectively and permanently.

While curbing emissions is important, capturing and removing existing carbon from the atmosphere is vital.

How do you know the money is making an impact?

The frontier projects we support are scientifically validated and vetted, using the latest verification standards from the American Carbon Registry, Gold Standard, and Climate Action Reserve.

You can find the list of projects we work with here

What do you mean by “Reduce your carbon footprint”?

By adding the Neutrl offset and funding our portfolio of carbon removal projects, you’re ensuring that the same amount of emissions produced to ship your order is stored by a project we work with.

What is CO2e?

A carbon dioxide equivalent, which is a metric measure used to compare the emissions from various greenhouse gasses based on their global-warming potential (GWP).

What are permanent carbon removal technologies?

Permanent carbon removal technologies are a way to permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere, then storing it in rock formations, the earth's crust, or the bottom of the ocean for hundreds to thousands of years.

Can Climate Change be stopped by offsetting alone?

There is no single solution to stop climate change, but carbon offsetting is one big piece of the puzzle.

How do you create transparency?

Not only does Neutrl share impact reports with our brand partners on a monthly basis, our impact page details the funds we’ve contributed to our portfolio of carbon removal projects, and the carbon tonnage those funds translate to.

Do you add new climate projects?

We are always looking for new and innovative climate technologies to fund. Know about one that we don't? Feel free to reach out and let us know.