Earth Day 2022 - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Earth Day 2022

May 3, 2022

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Earth Day 2022 is here at last! This year’s celebration marks the 52nd year since the holiday’s adoption by the United Nations. The past two or so years have been fraught with health, social, and economic worries – we look to Earth Day this year as we pivot our collective attention back to health, including that of our planet. This Earth day, we’re focusing on concrete action and collaboration. 

This year’s theme

The theme for this year’s Earth Day programming is Invest in Our Planet. The emphasis within this theme is collaborative action against climate change. Average citizens, the governments that represent them, and the businesses they work for all need to work together to find common interest in the preservation of planet Earth. 

One major concern people have when envisioning the global transition towards sustainability is a loss of profit. Thus, this Earth day is dedicated to extinguishing this worry “because a green future is a prosperous future.” If all parties work together to regulate, participate in, and finance sustainable development,  the climate crisis can be averted. 

How you can “Invest in Our Planet

Taking steps towards a sustainable future is not exclusive to heavy industries and presidents of powerful countries and companies. The average person can make a big difference, too. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Invest your time.

Your time is a valuable resource to efforts in favor of sustainable development. Educating yourself with trusted sources like books and documentaries, campaigning for environment-forward politicians, teaching those in your community, and simply enjoying the outdoors are all ways to celebrate Earth Day’s message. 

2. Invest your energy.

Taking physical action is another great way to engage with Earth Day. Clean ups in your local park or beach, caring for a community garden, and planting trees all make significant contributions. 

3. Invest your money. 

Your wallet may be your strongest tool to fight climate change. Limiting your purchasing overall, donating to sustainability charitable organizations, investing in sustainable companies, changing your diet, and offsetting your carbon footprint are all good options. 

In conclusion

This year’s Earth Day programming focuses on collaboration between people, businesses, and governments all investing in our planet. Working together ensures maximum impact of each group’s efforts as well as the maintenance of the global economy. Despite the enormity of such efforts, each individual can have an impact on our collective future. Investing time, energy, and money are all concrete ways to actively participate in sustainable efforts. 

FAQs on Earth Day


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FAQs on Earth Day

What is the official Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated each year around the world on April 22.

Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated to draw attention to issues facing our planet and generate support for their solutions.

What are good activities for Earth Day?

A park or beach clean up, community event, protest, or even walk in the forest are all ways to celebrate Earth Day!

When was Earth Day started?

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 after American politician Gaylord Nelson led its inception.


The History of Earth Day