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William Hicks
General Manager Magic Mind
"We love Neutrl! We've been surprised by the uptake and we have also seen a positive response from our customers."
Neutrl Customer
Los Angeles, CA
"I love being able to offset my footprint! It's awesome to be able to make an impact while shopping from my favorite brands."
Paul Voge
Co-Founder Aura Bora
"Neutrl's setup is lightning fast and 60% of our subscription customers make their orders carbon neutral."
Erin Murray
SVP Marketing Mad Rabbit
"We are using this app to improve our impact on the environment while also maintaining strong business growth. The Neutrl team and service has been top notch!"
Ray and Justin Kim
CoFounders The Plug Drink
"Neutrl is great and have been amazing partners! Our customers love it and the team is really helpful throughout the entire process."
Anouck Gotlib
CEO Belgian Boys
"Neutrl is a great addition to our overall sustainability initiatives. The team is amazing, the product is easy, and their brand is on point. We’re very excited to be an early adopter and look forward to being a part of their growth!"
Neutrl Customer
New York, NY
"It is so refreshing to see brands care about making a difference for the environment. Any brand that cares about sustainability needs to add Neutrl! There is no better way to access carbon neutral shopping, period."
Last-mile delivery carbon emissions

By 2030, last-mile delivery growth is expected to increase carbon emissions by


Last-mile delivery carbon footprint


of consumers say a brand's promotion of sustainability is an important factor in their purchasing decisions

Consumers want sustainable shopping


of consumers want brands to 
help them live more sustainably

Gen Z Shoppers


of Gen Z shoppers consider their carbon footprint when making a purchase

Our goal is to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

Every year, the world adds 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. If this trend continues, the result will be nothing short of catastrophic. To stop that from happening, we’re funding the top carbon removal technologies that will be critical to remaining within the 1.5°C pathway set out in the Paris Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Neutrl do?

Neutrl makes online shopping more sustainable.

We calculate how much carbon an order’s shipping is responsible for, determine the cost to offset it, and add that cost to your cart total. That one-or-so percent premium then goes directly towards carbon emissions removal projects.

How much will it cost me to offset my order with Neutrl?

Offsetting your order typically comes out to about 1 percent of your total cart value, depending on the item and shipping method. 

What are carbon offsets?

Carbon offsets are generated by an activity that either prevents the release of, reduces, or removes greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere or ocean. Neutrl partners with global projects in renewable energy, forestry, clean water, and specialized carbon removal technology.

What do you mean by “Reduce your carbon footprint”?

By adding the Neutrl offset and funding our portfolio of carbon removal projects, you’re ensuring that the same amount of emissions produced to ship your order is stored by a project we work with.